Easy Climber Home Elevators are brought to you by one of the nation’s largest home improvement companies, Aging in the Home Remodelers, Inc.

Our commitment to providing products that allow seniors to age in place has, over the years, become somewhat a mission. In our work we have daily contact with older adults, seniors, baby boomers and the elderly, who often have great sentimental attachments to their homes. They’ve raised their children there. Their friends are in the neighborhood. Over the years they’ve created the home they’ve always wanted, and they understandably don’t want to have to move.

Mostly, our senior customers want to maintain their independence and live out their lives in the comfort of their own homes—and we at AITHR want to help them do so. Our employees are empathetic to the challenges seniors face as they grow older. We hire people who understand the aging experience and respect the accumulated wisdom of seniors. Both our people and our products work hard to put our customers back in control of their lives, safely and affordably.

All Easy Climber products are held to the highest quality standards and are backed by a best in class warranty. Our products and workmanship are guaranteed so that you can enjoy peace of mind for years to come. We understand that our products support independent living and thus they must work flawlessly at all times, be safe and easy to use.