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7 Father’s Day Gifts He’s Sure to Love

Easy Climber Father's Day Gifts

  Whether he’s a golfer, a weather watcher or a sports fan, there’s something here for him Fathers are never particularly easy to buy for; that’s why there are so many jokes about Father’s Day and neckties. It can be even harder when you’re buying a present for a senior. They simply don’t have as […]

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7 Tips on Having Pets When You’re a Senior

Easy Climber Seniors Living with Pets

Perhaps you’ve recently lost your spouse, and you’re wondering if a pet would help the house seem less empty. Or a previous pet has died, and you aren’t sure whether to get a new one. Maybe you live in a small apartment; is that fair to the pet? And what if you someday need to […]

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How do you know when assisted living is right for you?

Edna had fallen once, breaking her pelvis, and spent six weeks in a rehabilitation community doing physical and occupational therapy to get her back to normal. It was difficult, painful work, but now, two years later, she has full use of her bones and muscles and no remaining symptoms of that terrible break. But still, […]

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8 Mother’s Day Gifts She Won’t Return

Easy Climber Blog Mother's Day Gifts She Wont' Return

It can be hard to find great gifts for seniors. They already have most things they need and don’t particularly want pretty things that end up gathering dust, even if the sentiment behind those gifts was sweet. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we thought we’d give you a few suggestions for gifts that […]

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How to find the best senior caregiver

Determining your loved one’s needs is the first, important step The decision to hire a senior caregiver can be a difficult one. Maybe your aging father is becoming forgetful, or can no longer keep up with the household chores. Maybe your mom is not good about taking her medicine or cooking for herself, and you’re […]

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Seniors home from rehab – now what?

Anxiety is normal after a fall, but there are practical ways to ease the transition The accident was scary and painful. You fell, breaking one or more major bones. You were hospitalized and then spent weeks in a rehab hospital, healing and painstakingly re-learning the skills you need to go back home. Now your doctors […]

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12 Preventative Health Screenings for Seniors

The aging process differs significantly from one person to the next. You at age 90 may resemble your neighbor’s 70, depending on genetics and a host of other factors. Do you know your own baseline for health? Have you been checked for the things that matter at your age? If you’re doing well physically and […]

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Scams Against Seniors are Common; How to Protect Yourself

You called a handyman about a small leak in your roof. Now he tells you it will cost $3,000 to repair the roof. Is the price fair? Your financial adviser says you could earn higher-than-normal returns if you agree to a certain investment. Is he telling the truth? A woman called claiming to be from […]

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Hidden Dangers in the Home for Seniors

Nine out of ten U.S. seniors prefer to age in place. This is understandable. Whether you are living alone or sharing space with a companion, the sense of independence that comes from staying in the house you’ve long enjoyed is immeasurable. But there are things in our homes that present hazards as we age, especially […]

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What is an Aging in Place Specialist?

Consider these two facts: Right now, about 90 percent of people 65 and older are aging in place, according to the AARP. Secondly, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates there will be 40 million seniors alive in 2035. If the first trend favoring independent living continues, it means by 2035, there will likely be about 35 […]

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