Older residential elevators used shafts and required deep pits to be excavated inside the home. They also required separate mechanical rooms to house the electrical controllers, hydraulic fluid reservoir, and drive components. Retrofitting this type of elevator into an existing dwelling was expensive and messy, often requiring multiple contractors and major renovations.

Shaft elevators also came with expenses that you won’t experience with an Easy Climber Elevator. Consider a few of the costs associated with old-fashioned shaft elevators:

  • Elevator shaft construction ($20,000+)
  • Machine room construction and configuration ($3,500+)
  • Electrical wiring and hookup ($3,800+)
  • Elevator pit construction ($7,500+)

This type of elevator was—and still is—best for longer travel distances of three or more floors. Because of the expense, time, and inconvenience of retrofitting an elevator shaft and separate mechanical room into an existing home, they’re designed to be installed at the time of new-home construction.

Today’s Easy Climber Elevator has been designed with safety, affordability, convenience and accessibility in mind. It’s been designed to fit your current home, with minimal disruptions during a quick and simple installation process.

Retrofit Means Ready to Go

The Easy Climber Elevator has changed the way the world looks at residential elevators. Because it’s easily installed in almost any existing two-story home (or a single-story home with a basement) no matter when it was built, the Easy Climber Elevator is bringing the safety, comfort, and convenience of residential elevators to everyone, and not just exclusive property owners in expensive neighborhoods.

The elevator doesn’t require a shaft or separate mechanical rooms to operate. You won’t need to arrange for an electrician to rewire your home or install expensive panels, circuits or outlets. If your home has the following features, it’s likely ready for an elevator:

  • Two floors
  • 110-volt electrical service
  • Small space available to accommodate the footprint of the elevator (about the same footprint as a refrigerator)
  • Ceiling height at or above 7 feet

Our installation team will take care of codes and compliance issues, including any permits and inspections needed before and after the installation. The Easy Climber Elevator can be installed in about one day to minimize disruptions and distractions.

Fast Retrofit Home Elevator Installation

The Easy Climber Elevator eliminates the need for big, expensive renovations and multiple contractors. All that’s required is a wall and enough space to accommodate the 38-by-48-inch passageway. Ideal locations for the elevator include laundry/utility rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and common areas such as foyers and living rooms.

Our goal is to minimize your inconvenience and return the freedom of mobility to you as quickly as possible. And because we design and install our elevators around your existing home, you save the headaches and frustration that comes with a major renovation project.

Here’s a quick look at our two-phase elevator installation process.

Easy Climber Residential Elevator Phase 1 IconPhase One of Installation

The day before the actual installation, licensed carpenters will arrive and create the opening for the elevator in the floor/ceiling. Next, they will reinforce the space and prepare it for the installers, who will arrive the next day.

The team protects your belongings while they work, and they leave your house in the same condition they found it – with the addition of a passageway that will accommodate your new elevator. Don’t worry – nothing (and no one) can fall through the opening because it’s securely covered.

Phase 2 of Home Elevator InstallationPhase Two of Installation

Your installation team arrives at their appointed time with your elevator on hand. They’ll bring it into your home, install the track, assemble the pieces and attach the cab to the track. The entire thing only takes about a day to install.

Before they leave, they ensure the unit is functioning properly and they’ll make sure you know how to use the elevator properly. They also leave the house in the same condition they found it—except now you’ve got a beautiful Easy Climber Elevator to give you access to both floors of your home without dealing with stairs!

home elevator installation is quick

After Installation of Your Home ElevatorAfter Installation

If you’ve been struggling to go up and down stairs, but you don’t want to move into an apartment, single-story home or senior-living facility, you’ll love the freedom and independence that a residential elevator brings to your life.

The Easy Climber Elevator requires very little maintenance. The batteries should be changed every two to three years, depending on how often you use it. Other than that, there’s little to no upkeep required.

The elevator easily carries two adults (400-pound total limit), so you’ll be able to use it for yourself and your family—and maybe even a load of laundry or two. It’s incredibly convenient, and it looks great too!

Easy Climber Elevator Specifications

The Easy Climber Elevator will work in nearly any single-family home, serving two floors (3-stop units are not available). Here is a list of specifications:

Footprint: 38 x 48 inches
Track: 8 inches from the wall, aircraft-grade aluminum
Controls: Up, down, key switch, E-Stop, alarm, diagnostic light that identifies obstructions
Length: Up to 14 feet of travel
Power: 100% battery operated. Charges via standard 110-volt electric with charging stations at both ends of track
Lighting: Bright overhead LED lighting
Flooring: Carpet inside, non-slip surface on entry ramp
See-through panels: High-grade 1/4-inch Plexiglas vision panels on walls and door
Frame: Steel with factory powder-coat finish
Warranty: 5-years on all items except the battery, which as a 2-year warranty
Safety features: Fall-stop brake, backup manual controls, top- and bottom-level sensors, and more. Read more about Easy Climber Elevator’s safety features.

List of specifications – Easy Climber Elevator

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