This comprehensive list covers all the features that make the Easy Climber Elevator amazing (including a few that might surprise you, like a telephone that connects to your home’s land line, and it’s run on 100% batter power).


The Easy Climber Elevator is designed with your safety and convenience in mind. These are a few of the ways our in-home elevator benefits your life:

  • Installable on any wall in your home
  • Easy to operate
  • Low-entry step for walker and rollator accessibility
  • Easy in-car controls
  • Remote call buttons on each floor
  • Carries two adults, or one adult and a basket of laundry, suitcase, or other lightweight objects
  • Quiet operation
  • Small footprint (approximately 4 by 3 feet)
  • Built-in telephone (don’t miss important calls while riding in your elevator)
  • Call-send feature enables you “fetch” the unit to either landing


The installation process is designed to take less than 24 hours. The first team of licensed carpenters comes in to cut the opening for your elevator. The second team comes the next day to install the track and unit. Here are some installation highlights:

  • Two-person installation in about 16 hours
  • Installs on any wall inside your home
  • Collapses to fit through any doorway on installation day
  • Can be installed on any room with a ceiling 7 feet or higher
  • Uses your house’s existing electrical wiring

Get more details about the installation process, the team, how to prepare for the installation, and what to expect on installation day in the Installation section of our website.


We’re proud of the safety features of the Easy Climber Elevator. Not only does our residential elevator meet safety standards set by several national regulatory agencies, but it meets the same ones that many commercial lifts are held to. This list is just a quick highlight of those safety features. Our safety section has more details.

  • Top and bottom sensors that stop the unit if an obstruction is on top or beneath the car
  • LED lighting and see-through panels for visibility to riders and people outside the lift
  • Sliding door can be opened if the elevator stops between floors
  • Built-in phone (for making calls in case of an emergency)
  • Emergency stop button
  • Key switch to start and stop the elevator
  • Continuous-pressure up and down buttons
  • Emergency down activation
  • Battery-powered backup
  • Battery charge stations at each end of the track
  • Two independent quarter-inch galvanized aircraft cables (GAC), each with breaking strengths of 7,000 pounds
  • Aluminum rack made of aircraft-grade materials
  • Grab rails inside the car
  • Emergency unlocking device
  • Slack-cable safety switches and broken-rope safety
  • Open-door sensor
  • Guaranteed installation by certified installation technicians
  • Meets and exceeds industry certifications

If you have more questions about safety, visit the FAQ section of our website.


We’ve designed a residential elevator that’s meant to be affordable for people who own single-family homes. The reasons the Easy Climber Elevator costs less than older-style, shafted elevators? Here are the top five reasons:

  • No need for an elevator pit or shaft
  • No need for a machine room
  • No construction costs to tear down or build walls
  • Lower operation costs
  • Does not require installation of a separate, dedicated power line

To learn more about pricing for the elevator, visit the Pricing section of our website.

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