To ensure that each and every customer is 100% satisfied, feedback is taken very seriously and any issues are promptly resolved. Although our goal is to stay until the job is done to your absolute satisfaction, we understand that occasionally, small issues may arise after you’ve had the chance to use your Easy Climber in the home for a few weeks.

We are very proud of what our customers have to say about our elevators and would love the opportunity to share some of the feedback we receive. Take a moment and see how one Easy Climber customer has regained their freedom and independence after suffering from a serious fall down the stairs.

Easy Climber Elevator Customers Matter – See What They are Saying

Review by Nancy T.

“It will be two years in Sept. since we bought it and I consider it money well spent. My husband has developed dementia since we got the elevator and now at age 83 I have to do just about everything… anything that makes life easier is a plus. He is so proud of the elevator he shows it to everyone who comes in our home. A lot of people think we are rich but that is not the case… we have saved and planned for years on how to stay in our home until God calls us home. If you ever need to show anyone in this area what the elevator is like in person you are welcome to come see us.”

Review by Cindy E.

“Look how beautiful it turned out! We are so thrilled with it. Please refer on to corporate that Pete and Mike are absolute treasures. I have never seen two people that cared so much about making everything perfect!! It was not an easy job but they both put their heart and soul into it. Thank you so much…without you we wouldn’t have it. It was so refreshing to us to do business with your company! Every comment I made was from the heart and we will recommend your company to anyone that needs anything for assistance. Thank you so much!”

Review by The Bryant Family

“The Easy Climber Elevator has opened up a whole other world for my son who cannot climb stairs, now with the help of the elevator, he is able to easily access his bedroom located on the upper level with minimal to no help, therefore gaining independence, whereas before he needed assistance from both parents.”

Review by Stan W.

“We are tickled about our new elevator. This is the first time I’ve seen the second floor of my home! It’s like an early Christmas present. I bought it for necessity but it is a wonderful investment.”

Review by Richard O.

“From the very beginning it was totally professional, we’ve heard a lot about work done by a lot of people and I would say from the beginning of the project to the end some of the best people I’ve ever encountered. We looked around and we determine that for what we were willing to spend we might as well just stay here and get an elevator instead of downsizing. The Easy Climber Elevator was everything we desired.”

Review Margie & Jerry Y.

“We are so pleased with the work and definitely made the right choice. I can’t praise the workman highly enough, they came early and stayed late to complete each stage of the installation. For 35 years we have worked on our 100 year old 3 story home and these fellas were ahead of every crafts person we have had over the years.”

Customer Review

“The installation went very well. The person was knowledgeable and got it installed in a timely manner. He was very good about showing us how it worked and making sure we really understood, making sure that we got to ride it up and down to see how all the different features that it had.”

Customer Review

“Another advantage besides going up and down the stairs is carrying things up and down the stairs. I can carry things with me on the chair up and down and not worry about falling or the weight.”