If you’ve had difficulty going up and down stairs and you’re looking for a solution that you can depend on to give you access to every level of your home without costing a fortune, say hello to the Easy Climber Elevator. The Easy Climber Elevator was designed with efficiency and dependability in mind, in addition to some great safety features.

It may be hard to believe that something with so many built-in safety and convenience features can be energy efficient, but it’s true! The Easy Climber Elevator costs less to operate than your refrigerator, television, clothes dryer or water heater.

Home Appliance Operating Cost Comparison

To put this into perspective, we used Energy.gov’s Appliance Energy Calculator to compare the annual cost to operate the Easy Climber Elevator with annual costs to operate these home electronics (at the US average rate of $0.12/kWh):

icon-eceEasy Climber Elevator, several trips/day, 365 days = $10 to $15
icon-desktopDesktop computer and monitor, 4 hours/day, 365 days = $20
icon-hdtvHigh-definition television, 4 hours/day, 365 days = $26
icon-dishwasherDishwasher, 2 hours/day, 365 days = $29
icon-coffee-makerCoffee maker, 1 hour/day, 365 days = $44
icon-dryerClothes dryer, 3 hours/week for 52 weeks = $52
icon-refrigeratorRefrigerator, 24 hours/day, 365 days = $79
icon-heaterWater heater, 4,500 Watts, 365 days = $197

The First 100% Battery-Powered In-Home Elevator

The new Easy Climber Elevator operates on 100% battery power—it’s the first residential elevator ever designed to be this efficient. It uses two rechargeable 12-volt batteries, the same type of battery used in electric riding lawn mowers and mobility scooters. They recharge in two ways:

Easy Climber Home Elevator Battery Power Diagram

  • When the elevator is at rest, the batteries charge at either docking station (first or second floor) via a standard 110-volt electrical outlet.
  • The elevator uses the most energy when it goes up. When the car descends, the gravity that helps lower it also charges the battery. Innovative technology actually captures the kinetic energy created.

These batteries will hold enough charge to operate the lift 10 times or more in the event of a power outage. If you live in a part of the country that’s plagued by frequent power outages due to inclement weather, you’ll appreciate the ability to access both levels of your home—even during a storm. The batteries require only about 2 to 3 amps of electricity to fully charge, which is around what a cell phone requires.

The annual cost, depending on where you live and your cost per kilowatt hour, ranges from about $10 to $15 per year. That’s about $1.25 on your monthly electric bill to enjoy the safety, comfort, and convenience of an in-home elevator.


More Information on Elevator Pricing

We hope this information helps you understand how little it costs to operate your Easy Climber Elevator. For the value, safety, and convenience it provides you as long as you live in your house, we hope you’ll find it a great investment. You’ll find more information on our pricing page.

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