Until recently, home elevators were seen as luxury items for those lucky few who could actually afford them and had houses large enough to accommodate the equipment.

But now, innovations in technology and design have significantly reduced not only the price of the elevator but also the costs to operate them. Best of all, they have smaller footprints, meaning they take up less space in your house.

Seven key benefits of having an in-home elevator:

Why a Home Elevator is Convenient

  • Benefit 1: Safety The No. 1 reason the Easy Climber Elevator was developed is to provide a safe way for people with mobility concerns to continue enjoying life in their two-story homes. These features and more are described in greater detail in the Safety section of our website:
    • Emergency stop functions
    • Safety brake to prevent free falls
    • Backup battery that kicks in the event of a power failure
    • Glide-away doors
    • Non-slip surfaces
    • LED lighting
    • See-through panels
    • Built-in telephone
  • Benefit 2: Increased Mobility Customers who install home elevators typically occupy one or more of these categories:
    • They’ve been injured and cannot navigate stairs.
    • They have mobility issues that making stairs difficult – and even dangerous.
    • They’re getting older and want to update their homes so they can “age in place.”

    No one wants to live in a two-story home and be restricted to only one floor. You want to be able to enjoy every square foot, from the kitchen and living areas to your own comfortable bed. The Easy Climber Elevator does just what its name implies: It easily climbs from the first floor to the second, and back again. It protects you from falls – and you’ve got a cool feature that adds value and convenience to your home.

  • Benefit 3: Value The beautiful, state-of-the-art design can become a centerpiece in your living space, or it can be tucked away in a bedroom or any room. This improvement may even add value for you to your home, but for immediate needs it can’t be beat. Ninety percent of seniors surveyed by AARP indicated that they want to “age in place.” For them, an elevator offered great value. It eliminated the stress of selling their current home, moving to a strange (and likely smaller) home, and forfeiting some of the freedoms they’ve come to enjoy.
  • Benefit 4: Style The Plexiglas-and-steel design of the elevator cab makes it a perfect fit no matter what your home decorating taste is. You’ll enjoy the accessibility the unit provides to both floors of your residence, and you’ll appreciate the tasteful design that complements nearly every décor.
  • Benefit 5: Quality of Living Not only does the Easy Climber Elevator improve your quality of life by returning accessibility to both floors of your home, but it also helps you feel better about living with physical limitations. You can worry less (or not at all) about being a burden to friends and family, and you can enjoy more independence in your own home.
  • Benefit 6: Reduced Renovation Costs When you add an Easy Climber Elevator to your home, you’ve made a smart choice. The elevator easily installs on any wall, which means you won’t need to hire designers, architects, contractors and subcontractors to tear up your home and install a shafted elevator. Learn more about our shaft-free elevator and how it easily installs through an opening between your first and second floors.
  • Benefit 7: Convenience Our residential elevator easily accommodates two average-size adults (the total weight limit is 400 pounds). It can also easily accommodate one adult and a laundry basket, a bag of groceries, a suitcase, or a grandchild or two. The built-in telephone, which connects to your land line, prevents you from missing calls from family and friends.

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