Are you—or someone you care about—living in a two-story home and growing increasingly concerned about navigating stairs?

Before you incur the high cost of moving and living somewhere else, consider a manageable and affordable home improvement option that lets you stay safely in the home you love. The Easy Climber Elevator is a safe way to go upstairs and downstairs and back again without risk of falling down the stairs.

Thanks to innovations in technology and design, the cost to install and operate our elevator is affordable on any budget. Compared to the high costs of senior living facilities and the cost of installing a traditional shaft elevator, the Easy Climb Elevator can save you thousands of dollars.

We set out to design a residential elevator that’s meant to be affordable for people who own single-family homes. The result is the Easy Climber Elevator. Why does our in-home elevator cost less than other residential lift options? Here are the top five reason:

  • No need for an elevator pit or shaft
  • No need for a machine room
  • No construction costs to tear down or build walls
  • Lower operation costs
  • Does not require installation of a separate, dedicated power line

What Makes the Easy Climber Elevator Affordable?

  • Cutting-Edge Technology Unlike big, bulky hydraulic and pneumatic elevators that require extensive construction modifications, the Easy Climber relies on a streamlined cable and pulley system. This design eliminates the need for high-cost home renovations and new construction.
  • Low-Cost Installation Old-school elevators required homeowners to construct expensive elevator shafts, a dedicated mechanical room and install a heavy-duty circuit breaker, complete with new wiring. These high-priced refinements were also labor intensive, meaning even more exorbitant installation costs. Add to that the expense of operating, maintaining and periodically inspecting traditional elevators and you quickly realize why in-home elevators were a luxury few could afford. Fortunately, that was before the Easy Climber Elevator.
  • Low Operating Costs The Easy Climber Elevator was designed with affordability in mind (without sacrificing safety). It operates using standard in-home electricity, costing less to operate than the average household dishwasher. It’s also the first and only in-home elevator that’s 100% battery powered during operation. Minimal maintenance is required, and the elevator is covered by a five-year warranty.

Low-Cost Retrofit

Retrofit means the elevator was designed to be installed in any single-family home, regardless of when it was built. Installing the Easy Climber Elevator doesn’t require walls and floors to be torn apart or rooms to be reconfigured. It’s installed between your first and second floors by modifying your first-floor ceiling with a 38-by-48-inch access.

Installation of your Easy Climber Elevator costs much less than those elevators requiring elevator shafts, for three main reasons:

  • No extensive renovations. A shaft-based elevator requires a larger footprint than the Easy Climber Elevator. Our elevator doesn’t need a shaft pit to be dug into your floor, nor does it require building sturdy new walls that form the elevator shaft. You will not need to hire an architect, designer, electrician nor demolition team. Our licensed carpenters arrive the day before the elevator installation to prepare the hole between floors to accommodate your new elevator. Potential savings: $27,500+
  • No machine room. Shaft elevators are the type usually found in commercial buildings, which require separate machine rooms to house things like drivers and controllers. Your Easy Climber Elevator doesn’t require a separate machine room because its motor, controls and pulley system are self-contained. Potential savings: $3,500+
  • No need for electrical rewiring. As you can imagine, an elevator with a shaft and separate mechanical room requires dedicated 220-volt wiring and hookup, which adds the expense of an electrical contractor. Further, your existing electrical panel may need to be upgraded to support this service. Because your Easy Climber Elevator operates on two 12-volt rechargeable batteries, it works with your existing home wiring – just plug it into any standard 110-volt outlet. Potential savings: $1,500 to 3,800+

Residential Elevator Pricing Comparison

This side-by-side table that helps you understand the cost differences between the Easy Climber Elevator and other styles. If you still have questions, feel free to call us toll-free at 816-405-7969. One of our friendly, USA-based product experts will answer your home elevator questions and help you understand your options.

Easy Climber Stair lifts & Home Elevators Home IconEasy Climber® Others
Meets industry certifications Standard Standard
Certified installation technicians Guaranteed Unknown
Operated by long-lasting, rechargeable battery Yes, comes standard No or add-on expense
Warranty 5 years 1 to 3 years
Elevator shaft required No Yes
High-tech smart circuit board Yes No
Two radio-frequency remote controls Yes Unknown
Glide-away door Yes No or add-on expense
Attractive design Yes Varies
Advanced safety features Yes – emergency down, battery operated, glide-away door Some
Carries up to 400 pounds Yes Yes
LED diagnostic display Yes Unknown
Telephone Yes Yes
Uses existing electrical hookup Yes, no additional expense No, add-on expense for wiring
Time for full installation 1 – 2 days Often weeks
Additional insurance premium No upcharge for typical installation Unknown
Annual electrical cost Low $10 – $15/year Varies, often above $100/year

One Price Covers Everything

With the Easy Climber Elevator, there are no hidden fees. Your salesperson provides you a written quote that covers everything. In addition to the elevator and its parts, this is what you get when you purchase our elevator:

  • Consultation A salesperson visits your home and meets with you to review the elevator and walk through your living space. He or she will help identify load-bearing walls and help you select the best location for your elevator.
  • Production Manager This expert is your main point of contact throughout the preparation and actual installation. The production manager is the director making sure everything that follows comes together to make your improvement a success. He or she will be happy to answer questions throughout the process.
  • Pre-Installation Inspection and Compliance In most cases, a fully trained and licensed installation engineer will visit your home prior to the actual install date. They will confirm the location and make sure the install team is fully prepared when they arrive.
  • Carpentry The licensed carpenters are the first half of the installation team. The day before the installation, they will arrive at your home, prep the area, and cut the hole needed for the elevator can travel safely from floor to floor.
  • Installation The second half of the installation team arrives the next day. They transport the elevator to your home, install the track and the elevator itself. They fully test operation and demonstrate for you how easy it is to operate.
  • Customer Service Our relationship with you doesn’t end with the installation. You’ll be contacted by Guild Quality, an independent customer satisfaction agency, to make sure you are happy with your experience with Easy Climber. We are also available for customer support at 816-405-7969 anytime you have questions or concerns about your Easy Climber Elevator.

Get Your Own Easy Climber

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