Innovations in technology and design have made installing and owning a residential elevator more affordable than ever. Installing an elevator isn’t the complicated, expensive home renovation project it once was. Easy Climber Elevator’s small footprint and self-contained mechanism mean it can be installed in about one day.

Think about it: In a single day you can add convenience, safety, and quality to your life while increasing the value of your home.

The Easy Climber Elevator Installation Process

Home Elevator Installation Process

The procedure breaks down into three simple phases:

  • Phase 1: You and your installation technician select the best wall for the elevator. Meanwhile, our professionals secure any and all local paperwork needed to complete the installation.
  • Phase 2: Our licensed carpenters arrive the day before installation to prep the location and create the hole that will facilitate the elevator. The footprint is about the same as an elevator or dryer.
  • Phase 3: In a matter of hours, our certified installation team installs the track, pulley system and elevator. They then test drive it and show you how easy and safe it is to operate.

Once you are completely comfortable operating the elevator and completely satisfied with the installation and clean-up, that’s it. Installing the Easy Climber Elevator is as simple as that. It usually takes a two-person expert team just one day – barring unforeseen circumstances – to be able to enjoy your new home improvement and freedom of mobility!

Why the Easy Climber Elevator Makes Sense

Designed for Existing Homes

Because the Easy Climber Elevator requires no elevator shaft, mechanical room or a deep pit construction (like many traditional lifts), it can easily be added to almost any home. Typically, a two-person certified installation team is all that’s required to complete the installation. We make all installation arrangements for you and take care of any paperwork that local agencies may require.

Installation Takes Hours, Not Days

The installation team’s goal is to cause as little disruption as possible to your daily routine. They’ll explain the process to you up front, so you’ll know how long they’ll be in your home and when you’ll be able to use your new elevator. Although it occasionally takes a little longer, our team strives to be in and out of your house in one day.

The Easy Climber Elevator meets or exceeds the safety and quality standards of several nationally recognized testing organizations. These certifications mean your safety is our top priority, leaving you to enjoy the freedom that your elevator offers.

Technical Requirements

The Easy Climber Elevator is 100% battery powered and charges via a standard 110-volt household outlet. The battery carries enough charge for several trips in case of a power outage. This means that typically there should be no need to hire an electrical contractor to install expensive wiring, upgrade electrical panels, etc. The battery also partially recharges each time the elevator descends, and most batteries last two to three years, depending on how much you use your lift.

An added bonus: The system works on a standard household outlet, which means it uses only about 2 to 3 amps to charge – the same as an iPhone uses. Simply put, there’s never been an easier or more convenient in-home elevator. Take the first step to enjoying the convenience and safety of the Easy Climber Elevator today!

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