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Home Elevators Key Terms | Easy Climber
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  • Aging in place: This refers to the ability to remain independent in your own home as you age, regardless of your mobility, health or financial standing.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum: The track of the Easy Climber Elevator is made of heavy-duty aluminum – the same type that’s used in the manufacturing of airplanes.
  • Continuous-pressure buttons: Home elevators use press-and-hold “continuous pressure” buttons. When the buttons are pressed, the cab moves, and when they are released, it stops moving.
  • Emergency-down activation: In the unlikely event the elevator stops working, a switch outside the cab enables the user to safely and gently lower the elevator to the ground.
  • Fall-stop feature: All elevators are equipped with safety brakes that prevent the cab from free-falling.
  • Glide-away door: Other home elevators have swing-open doors, which risk injuries, especially if a pet or small child get caught between the inner and outer doors. The Easy Climber Elevator’s glide-away door easily slides open and tucks inside the cab, which is an important safety feature.
  • Installation consultant: Your primary Easy Climber/Aging in the Home Remodelers representative serves as your point person, answering any questions you have and ensuring all work is done to your satisfaction.
  • Installation technician: The certified and licensed professional that does the installation work and introduces you to its easy operation features. Two technicians will be on hand during the elevator installation phase.
  • Key switch: This allows the user to turn off the elevator to prevent unauthorized use.
  • LED light: Light-emitting diode (LED) lights use less power, last longer and are brighter than incandescent bulbs. At night or if it’s dark, just flip a switch to turn on the LED light inside the Easy Climber Elevator’s cab.
  • Plexiglas vision panels: These see-through panels allow you to see out and people outside the elevator to see in. (This is important in the event of an emergency). As an added bonus, the Plexiglas panels allow natural light in (although the cab is also equipped with an LED light).
  • Pneumatic elevator: Designed for residential use in high-end luxury homes, pneumatic elevators use a vacuum pump to move between floors. The Easy Climber Elevator, however, uses a track-and-pulley system that is easier to install and is less cumbersome than its pneumatic counterparts.
  • Residential elevator: A lift that is designed for use in a multi-story house, making travel between floors easier and faster.
  • Reset switch: Located outside the elevator, when pressed, the reset button activates a self-check and resets the unit to normal operation.
  • Rollator accessible: A rollator is similar to a walker, but it has wheels; some have seats.
  • Retrofit installation: Something that is designed to fit in your existing dwelling, such as the Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub and the Easy Climber Elevator.
  • Safety sensors: These are strategically placed on the top and bottom of the Easy Climber Elevator, and they immediately stop the operation of the unit if they sense any obstructions on top or beneath the cab.
  • Shaft-less elevator: Most commercial elevators require elevator shafts, which are expensive, time-consuming additions to most homes. A shaft-less elevator operates on a track and cable-pulley system, which is still safe, but is easier and less expensive to install and requires little maintenance.
  • Vacuum elevator: See pneumatic elevator.
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