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Easy Climber® stair lifts put you back in control… safely and affordably.

Love your home but fear your stairs? It’s a common problem as we age – and there’s a simple solution that protects your safety and lets you keep enjoying all of your home. Join the hundreds of thousands of people that have installed a stair lift in their home.

Consider Betty’s story:

“Just going up and down my stairs whenever I wanted seems like a small thing to many people. But it had become a big problem for me. My kids, my doctor, even my next door neighbor told me I needed to avoid them. I was afraid that I’d fall and they were even more worried about me than I was.

I don’t want to be a burden on anybody. The problem was, not using my stairs meant I had to live in only half of my house. Do I sleep downstairs in my family room so I can get to the kitchen? How do I take a bath and get to my clothes since everything is upstairs in my bedroom? I thought I might have to move to one of those old people’s homes.

Lucky for me, a good friend told me about the Easy Climber. Now I just sit in my chair that lifts me up and down my stairs. Problem solved. And I’m staying in my home for a long, long time!”

Betty’s story has a happy ending. Unfortunately, injuries from a fall are far too common among seniors. Worse yet, many of these falls could have been prevented.

Do I Need a Stair Lift?

Does walking up and down your stairs fill you with anxiety? Have you tried to avoid using your stairs… or worse yet, just stopped using part of your home because of them? Whether it’s due to balance, heart condition, joint pain & stiffness, doctor’s advice, etc., you are not alone. Every day, millions of Americans are facing similar fears. And with good reason…

Do you need a stair lift at home?

The latest statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are alarming. They found one in three senior citizens will fall this year and face moderate to severe injuries. One in three!

Most of these falls happen at home, with the staircase being especially dangerous. For those seniors who do suffer a fall, the statistics are grim – about 50% of the seniors who sustain a fall-related injury are discharged to a nursing home rather than returning home. 25% of those who fracture a hip require life-long nursing care. Falls are the leading cause of death from injury among those age 65 or over.

Many people assume it will never happen to them…but the statistics prove otherwise. Let’s face the facts: your fears – and especially any changes in your use of your stairs – already are warning you that you are at risk of serious injury from a fall on your stairs.

Fortunately, Easy Climber gives you back safe and secure access to your entire home again. Whether you’re concerned about a dangerous fall on your stairs or simply need a little extra help getting up and down, you’re just like millions of other aging Americans today. Stair lifts eliminate the fears and anxiety associated with navigating your stairs.

Stair Lift Benefits

  • Gives You Back Use Of Your Entire Home Again Regain access to your bedroom, garage or basement. Go anywhere you want within your home, without fear for your safety, just like the good old days. With Easy Climber, you can go back to using all of your home – whenever you want. Now you don’t need to confine yourself to just one floor… move from your home… or enter a senior living facility prematurely just to avoid the perils of a fall. Enjoy your home again – all of it.

stair lift safety

  • Keeps You Safe Whether you already have had a fall or are worried that you or a loved one is at risk of falling on an existing staircase, a stair lift can ease your mind and your knees. Your safety is the top priority with your new Easy Climber. The comfy swivel chair with footrest and armrest allows you to get in and out of the chair safely and easily. There’s an easy-clip seat belt for added security. In addition, built-in safety sensors stop the chair if an object is in its way. It even comes with a battery back-up for unexpected power outages.
  • Protects Your Independence If you are like most Americans, living independently is very important to you. The idea of one of your children or a caretaker carrying you up and down the stairs is both embarrassing and impractical unless they live with you full time. Even then, it is extremely dangerous for someone else to carry you up or down the stairs without the proper equipment. If that’s a bad idea, the idea of moving to an assisted living facility may be even worse – and it’s very expensive as well. Sometimes it is necessary – but not when the main problem is simply getting up and down the stairs safely. Stair lifts protect you from this danger and thus remove a major risk to staying in the home you love. It’s an investment in your safety and independence… as well as peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
  • Fits Your Staircase, No Matter the Shape or Size Worried that it won’t fit your specific staircase? We’ve got you covered. Easy Climber stair lifts are custom-designed to fit either straight or curved staircases and can even curve around the bottom of straight stairs. Every staircase is individually measured, and the stair lift is custom-built so it fits your stairway like a glove. Long staircase or short staircase: No matter the number of steps, a Easy Climber literally takes you to the next level.
  • Looks Like It Is Designed for Your Home. New users who think the chair and track will “stick out” are pleasantly surprised by how discreet Easy Climber looks in their home. The low-profile track and the option to send the chair upstairs by remote control when it isn’t in use – and then easily call it back down when you want to use it again – means that your stair lift is practically out of sight from your downstairs living areas. Easy Climber installs on either side of your staircase. In addition, little to no redecorating is needed after installation since the lift connects to the stairway and not the wall.

Easy Climber is a smart investment in your home

More and more older adults are making improvements to their homes instead of moving to assisted living facilities, which can cost $7,000 or more per month! Compared to that kind of expense, your Easy Climber pays for itself in a matter of days or weeks!

The most important reason to choose a stair lift for your home is the comfort it will give both you and your family and friends. Imagine: You’ll never again have to worry about a painful fall on your staircase. And your loved ones will not have to worry about you staying safe on your own.

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