Stair Lift Prices

How much does the Easy Climber stair lift cost?

Professional installation by certified (and licensed where applicable) installers is included in the cost of the Easy Climber stair lift. There are many factors which influence stair lift prices including electrical wiring, shipping cost, length of the stairway, whether your stairs curve, etc. However, even the most complicated installations usually pay for themselves in a couple months compared to the cost of a fall or an assisted living facility.

Why don’t you have the price listed on the website?

There are many factors that go into deciding the cost of the Easy Climber. The length of the rail varies with every home, as the rail is fitted for your staircase. Some homes need a curved stair lift, while other staircases need a straight stair lift. The electrical system will need to be inspected too. There are other factors which could make a difference in the price too. As you can see, there are many variables which influence the final cost of the Easy Climber installation.

How to Use a Stair Lift

How do you exit the Easy Climber at the top landing?

The Easy Climber stair lift is designed with a swivel seat so the user can plant both feet firmly on the floor before exiting the chair. The seat also acts as a barrier as it protects the user against falling down the stairs. Unfortunately, many other stair lifts drop their occupant off right on the top or bottom step – leaving open still, the chance for a fall.

What happens if the power goes out?

You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Easy Climber is equipped with a battery backup device, so it will continue working even when the power goes out.

Does it work outside?

Yes, the Easy Climber lineup includes a model that is rated for outdoor use.

Can the arms be removed from the chair?

No. The arms of the chair are essential for safety when getting in and out of the chair. Also, the controls are located on the arm. The arms can be folded up when the chair is not in use. Additionally, the stair lift can be configure for either right or left handed people.

Is the speed of the chair adjustable?

For safety reasons, we only produce stair lifts that go one, safe speed. Most customers find the speed of the stair lift to be very comfortable.

What if there are two people in my home that need the stair lift?

The Easy Climber comes standard with two remote controls. If the Easy Climber is downstairs because your spouse is watching television, and you are upstairs, simply use the remote control to bring the Easy Climber upstairs.

Stair Lift Installation

Will it fit on my staircase?

Yes. Homes are built with a wide variety of styles and options, so Easy Climber® is custom designed to easily work with any indoor staircase. Extra long or short stairs? No problem. Curved staircase? No problem.

One of our stair lift experts will come to your home, free of charge, and with no obligation, to ensure proper measurements are taken.

Can I buy it and install it myself?

Our stair lifts are sold as a complete package which includes professional installation so we can ensure the product is installed with the highest safety precautions. Having our certified, professional (and licensed where applicable)stair lift installers complete the job also enables us to support the warranty.

My stairway has a turn landing. Will it work in my home?

Yes. We can install your Easy Climber on virtually any staircase, regardless of size or shape. When the Easy Climber representative arrives at your home, he will inspect your stairway, take measurements, and propose the custom fit rail system that best suits your needs.

Can the stair lift be moved?

Yes. If you decide or move or sell your home, the stair lift can be removed and set up in your new home. Note that the rail is fitted for each staircase, so it may not fit the staircase in your new home.

How much space does the Easy Climber take up on my stairs?

The lift is designed to be as small as possible, while still being comfortable. While in use, it is not advised that any other people try to use the stairs. When you are finished using the lift, it will fold up into a tight space. You can even use the remote controls to send it up the stairs, out of sight.

How long does it take to install?

The representative who comes to your home for the initial consultation will inspect your staircase and take measurements to design a custom-fitted stair lift designed for your home. Once the installation is scheduled, the work is usually completed in one day.