The Easy Climber® Elevator provides a safe and convenient way to get the most out of your two-story home. While this in-home elevator looks great, the top priority is keeping you safe. In fact, the innovative minds behind to Easy Climber Elevator made safety priority number one. With dozens of built-in safety features, Easy Climber owners get more than just safety—they get peace of mind.

The Easy Climber Elevator comes equipped with sensors on top and bottom of the car, an easy-sliding door, door latch sensors, low-step entry and exit, grab bars and non-slip surfaces for stability, see-through panels and many other key features designed to make the Easy Climber the safest in-home elevator you can buy.

In-Home Elevator Safety Features

You’ll see many of the built-in safety features every time you use the Easy Climber Home Elevator—the “all good” indicator light, the sliding door, and the non-slip surface—while other features like sensors, rechargeable batteries, and the emergency fall-stop brake work behind the scenes. Regardless, here is an overview of the features that make the Easy Climber Elevator the safest in-home elevator of its kind.

Easy Climber Home Elevator Safety Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery. The Easy Climber Elevator has built-in charging stations on both floors, so it’s always ready to go when you are. The battery recharges itself by converting kinetic energy to electricity when it’s descending to the first floor and carries enough juice to make up to 10 trips without direct electrical power. This means you never have to worry about being stranded if the power suddenly goes out.
Easy Climber Home Elevator Safety Elevator Cable Super Strong Elevator Cables. The Easy Climber Elevator is supported with galvanized steel aircraft cables that have been quality tested for over 10,000 trips. These high-grade cables have a 12x safety factor and a breaking strength around 7,000 pounds—above and beyond the gold standard for most commercial elevators. They are designed to withstand the most demanding circumstances, and there are two of them for added protection and peace of mind.
 Easy Climber Home Elevator Safety Fall Stop Icon Fall-Stop Mechanism. In the extremely unlikely event that one of the high-strength cables break, the built-in fall-arrest mechanism automatically (and gently) brings the elevator lift to a stop. This is the same fall-stop prevention technology found in modern commercial elevators.
 Easy Climber Home Elevator Safety Object Sensor  Top and Bottom Object Sensors. If a child, pet or object is under the elevator car while it’s moving, the Easy Climber’s built-in sensors will automatically stop the car from moving. The sensors will gently stop the elevator they sense anything as small as a dog’s chew toy beneath the car or something the size of a playground ball on top.
Easy Climber Home Elevator Door Safety System Door Safety System. The Easy Climber Elevator is equipped with the same door interlock system found in many commercial elevators. What this means is your home elevator won’t operate until the door is fully closed and locked. This is just another safeguard to prevent anyone from accidentally stepping out of the elevator while it’s moving.


Other leading safety features included with every Easy Climber Elevator include:

  • Low-step entry and exit
  • Carpeted non-slip floor
  • Stability bars inside the cab
  • Sliding, retractable doors
  • Control panel indicator light
  • Pressure-operated control buttons (key fob remote optional)
  • Manual lowering mechanism
  • See-through cab panels
  • In-cab telephone

Certified Elevator Safety and Quality

The Easy Climber meets or exceeds the quality and safety standards of all relevant industry certification organizations. These leading third-party national standards boards—which set safety standards for elevators, escalators and other motorized equipment—have certified the Easy Climber Elevator’s quality and safety standards through rigorous testing procedures:

  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • The North American Intertek ETL Mark


Building codes and compliance processes vary from state to state and city to city, which is why we work with certified installation teams who thoroughly know and understand local regulations. Our installers stay current with local requirements, and our products are designed to meet or exceed all the latest technical specifications. Learn more about our certified elevator installation teams.

From the moment you step into your Easy Climber Elevator for the first time, you’ll feel secure going up and down in your house. Please, don’t wait until you or a loved one suffers a fall. Call Easy Climber today to learn how easy and affordable it is to protect your health and independence with an in-home elevator.

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