Pricing & Warranty

What is the warranty?

For our compact and standard size Easy Climber Elevators, all parts are covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty except the batteries, which come with a 2-year warranty. Labor is covered for the initial six months of ownership. For our larger Easy Climber Plus model, all parts are covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty except the batteries, which come with a 2-year warranty. Labor is also covered for the initial six months of ownership

Should you need help with or have questions about your warranty, please review your owner’s manual and determine the manufacturer and warranty coverage of your Aging in the Home product.  Should you need warranty service, please contact your manufacturer directly at the number or email listed below:


Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs and Showers


Please have your Serial Number (located on Owners Manual) available if possible.


Staying Home Corporation (SHC) Stairlifts and Elevators



Savaria Lifts and Elevators

Savaria Tech Support: 1-855-728-2742 | Savaria Sales & General Info:  1-800-661-5112

Savaria Product Warranty & Service Contact form:

Savaria Dealer Locator: 1-855-728-2742 or online form:


Handicare Lifts

Handicare Tech Support: 866-891-6502: [email protected]

Handicare Dealer Locator:  888-637-8155: [email protected]

How much do home elevators cost?

While the cost of installing a home elevator can range significantly, depending on your home and the type of elevator you choose to install, Easy Climber is among the most economical. Unlike traditional home elevators, Easy Climber does not require building an elevator shaft, mechanical room or constructing a pit. Because Easy Climber is so simple to install in almost any home, it costs less how much less very much depends on your home and the elevator configuration that you choose. Because of this, we offer every consumer a one-time, in-home consultation absolutely free. In this consultation, we will evaluate the various factors that go into determining the appropriate application.

Using the Elevator

How many floors can it travel?

This residential elevator is designed to move between two floors. Most of our customers live in two-story homes with stairs, and they’re looking for ways to move from the main living floor to second-story bedrooms or to regain use of their basements. For homes with three floors, such as a townhome or large estate, a second unit connecting the second and third floors may be an option.

Is there a remote?

Yes, each of our home elevators includes a remote that looks and functions very similarly to that of your vehicle. The operation buttons are designed to be similar to buttons on commercial elevators with one important difference. Most elevators that you’re familiar with operate with a press-and-release button. The Easy Climber Home Elevator operates with a press-and-hold button due to safety and regulatory issues.

Can it be manually operated?

Yes. The elevator is 100% battery operated. In the event of a full power outage, the elevator will move up and down eight to 10 times (maybe even more). After you’ve exhausted the battery, you might find a need to move the elevator manually if it’s stuck halfway between floors. All elevators are required to have manual lowering features located outside the cab, so anyone outside the lift can safely bring the cab to the lower level. And, remember, you’ve got a telephone inside, so if it ever stops operating, help is just a phone call away.


Where can it be installed?

Your Easy Climber Elevator can be installed on any wall, which opens up a lot of possibilities in your home. It works on existing concrete or stud walls. You can put it in a bedroom, hallway, common area, even a foyer. The unit works in rooms with ceilings as low as 7 feet for our compact and standard model and 9 feet for our largest model.

What size is the elevator?

Easy Climber Elevators are available in multiple sizes:

  • Compact – 38″ x 38.75″
  • Standard – 38″ x 47.47″
  • Easy Climber Plus – 36″ x 54″ (also available in 30″ x 46″)
How long does installation take?

In most case, two certified installation technicians can install the elevator in one day. Our goal is to minimally disrupt your day. When you meet with the installation team, they’ll set expectations with you for installation time, and they’ll communicate with you throughout the project. Learn more about how Easy Climber Elevator installation works.

Can my own contractor install it?

Your safety is our No. 1 priority, so Easy Climber uses only licensed, certified, factory-trained installation technicians to install the Easy Climber Elevator.

Codes & Compliance

Are inspections required?

Inspection requirements vary depending on where you live, and different municipalities have varying building and compliance codes. There is no national regulatory agency overseeing residential and commercial elevators; however, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a national nonprofit organization, sets industry standards for escalators and elevators. When you place the order for your elevator, your representative and installation technicians will help you understand what the local requirements are – and they’ll handle the paperwork and inspections, if any.

Will it fit in my house?

Easy Climber Elevators can fit in spaces as little as about 3 feet wide, depending on which model you choose and your home’s floor plan. In other words, it’s about the same footprint as an average refrigerator. It works on almost any wall with the proper clearance and doesn’t use an elevator shaft, which makes installation easy and convenient. When our installation technicians visit your home, they’ll help you choose the right model and location.

How much power does it take?

While most residential elevators operate on 220-volt power, which typically requires the services and costs of an electrician, the Easy Climber Elevator does not. Our in-home elevator operates on two 12-volt batteries that are charged by an existing 110-volt power outlet, which is standard in most U.S. homes. The battery draws 2 to 3 amps to charge – about the same amount of energy needed to charge a cellphone!


What happens if the power fails?

Power outages happen all over the country for various reasons – weather, accidents, high demand – which is why you want a home elevator that works if your power goes out. When power fails, the Easy Climber’s battery will operate for eight to 10 up-and-down trips. The battery comes with a two-year warranty, and we recommend that you replace it every two to three years.

What type of battery does the elevator use?

The elevator’s motor and gear system works on two 12-volt dry-cell batteries (the same type that lawn mowers and motorcycles use).

What if it stops working while in operation?

Several safety features are built in to protect you if the car stops moving while you’re inside. The fall-stop feature prevents free falls, in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure, and an emergency locking retractor uses gravity to gently lower the unit. However, because the unit runs on battery power, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to use these manual features.

What if the cable breaks?

Galvanized airplane-grade cables operate this unit, so the chance of a cable breaking is close to zero.

Can the cable break?

When we researched online for examples of elevator cable breakages, the only instances we found on record occurred due to unusual external events (such as a plane crashing into a building).

What kind of safety sensors does it have?

Two sets of safety sensors are located on the top and bottom of the car. The top set of sensors stop movement of the car if it senses 20 pounds of force top of the unit. So, in the unlikely event that a small pet jumps on top of the car (and doesn’t hop right off when it senses movement), the top sensors would stop movement of the car. The bottom set of sensors stops movement if 4 pounds or more of force is exerted under the car. This protects you, your pets, your children or grandchildren, and any foreign objects that might roll under the unit.

What is the ‘system’s good’ light?

This light means just what the name suggests: The elevator is ready to carry you up or down. If the light is off, that means something is wrong with the unit, and it will not operate.

What do I do if the elevator isn’t working?

At the time of your installation, your installers will show you where to find the reset button. Upon reset, the system runs itself through a multi-step diagnostic process; many times that fixes the problem. If you can’t find the reset button or the problem persists, consult your owner’s manual or call the toll-free customer care number 800-814-3574.

What certifications has the elevator met?

The Easy Climber Elevator has met the standards established by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the American National Standards Institute, as well as the national safety criteria needed to earn the Intertek ETL Mark for gas, electric and oil-fueled products in the United States.

Does it have a telephone?

Yes, every cab is equipped with a telephone that connects to your home’s land line.