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12 Preventative Health Screenings for Seniors

The aging process differs significantly from one person to the next. You at age 90 may resemble your neighbor’s 70, depending on genetics and a host of other factors. Do you know your own baseline for health? Have you been checked for the things that matter at your age? If you’re doing well physically and […]

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Scams Against Seniors are Common; Protect Yourself

You called a handyman about a small leak in your roof. Now he tells you it will cost $3,000 to repair the roof. Is the price fair? Your financial adviser says you could earn higher-than-normal returns if you agree to a certain investment. Is he telling the truth? A woman called claiming to be from […]

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Free College Courses for Seniors

No matter where you are in life, continuing your education can offer a variety of benefits, including keeping your skills sharp and your insights relevant. If you are a senior interested in continuing your education or returning to college, you should know that it is increasingly more common to see other seniors on campuses. One […]

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7 Things Seniors Can Do to Meet Other Seniors

Who knew that smartphones and social media would turn out to be effective tools to enable seniors to meet seniors? With new online senior groups popping up on Facebook and Pinterest almost daily, it makes connecting with other seniors online easier than ever. Not only is it fun, but reaching out to your peers is […]

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9 Ways Seniors Can Save Money

Seniors are living longer now than ever before, which is great news. But statistics on their financial well-being paint a troubling picture. The National Council on Aging estimates millions of Americans over the age 60 are having a hard time meeting their monthly expenses. Most seniors live on fixed incomes, but the costs of healthcare, […]

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Computer Help for Seniors

computer help for seniors

The internet plays a ubiquitous role in the lives of most adults. The Pew Research Center determined 87 percent of all adults are online regularly. And – despite lingering stereotypes to the contrary – the popularity of internet amongst seniors is not far behind. Pew found nearly 60 percent of seniors have embraced the internet. […]

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Eight Tips to Staying Healthy While Growing Older

Can you really turn back the clock? Science seems to support this concept – a 2015 study published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS) confirms that 65 may be the new 50. The results of the study showed that individuals who are 60, 65 – even 70, may be considered middle aged today. Instead […]

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Simple Senior Fitness Workouts

Maintaining health and independence as you age may be easier than you realize. For most of us, it simply takes committing to adopting healthy habits and a regular exercise regimen. But if you dismiss the thought of exercise because you or a loved one has mobility issues, you should know that the National Institutes on […]

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Finding the Best Personal Caregiver


As of 2035, there will be approximately 40 million Americans between ages 71 to 89, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This represents an unprecedented shift in demographics, one that will create equally unprecedented outcomes. For instance, the agency predicts this increase in seniors will put unparalleled stress on the nation’s healthcare system. Additionally, there […]

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Home Safety Tips for Seniors


Did you know according to the National Council on Aging, an older American is treated in an emergency ward once every 11 seconds because of a fall? The good news is – for seniors who enjoy the independence that comes from aging in place and living in their own homes – the risk of falling […]

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