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A stair lift is a chair that climbs up and down a staircase on a motorized rail attached. While getting up and down the stairs safely is the primary concern, today’s top quality lifts include numerous features to maximize comfort, ease of use and attractiveness in the home.

Reasons to consider a stairlift:

  • Mobility concerns due to balance, joint pain, and stiffness or leg strength make climbing stairs unsafe.
  • You try to avoid using your stairs, or worse yet, have stopped using part of your home because of the stairs.
How Stair Lifts Work


Main Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stair lift

Knowing the variables described below, such as the size of the stairwell, length of service needed, and the stairway shape is vital when choosing a stair lift that will deliver value over the users lifetime.

  • Dimensions and House Design Considerations
  • The Size and Shape of your Staircase
  • The Carriage (Seat)
  • Adapting Your Home to a Stairlift
  • Physical Conditions
  • Budget & Financial Considerations

Dimensions and House Design Considerations

There are several measurements to take on one’s staircase to determine what size stair lift unit to install. The first measurement should be the length of track from the top to the bottom of the steps. The second thing to measure is the height, tread, and width of the steps. Some stair lift companies send their employees to do the measuring themselves.

Heavy-Duty versus Standard Size Lift

The other consideration for sizing is determining whether a standard size or a heavy duty/high weight capacity stair lift will be most suitable. Standard size stair lifts usually hold up to 300 pounds, versus heavy-duty stair lifts which are typically capable of supporting 500-600 pounds.

Size of Stair Lift to Allow for Foot Traffic on Stairwell

If there are other individuals who will be accessing the stairs on foot, the amount of space it takes up will be an added consideration. There are models of stair lifts that fold up compactly to allow plenty of stairwell space for other family members or guests to go up and down the steps.

The Size and Shape of your Staircase

There are two types of staircases, straight and curved. This is one of the biggest considerations when determining which stair lift would be needed. The lift for a straight flight of stairs goes up and down in a straight line. It is not able to turn around curves, bends, or travel across a landing. A curved stair lift is able to navigate corners and reversal of direction in the stairs.

The Carriage (Seat)

The chair portion of a stair lift is generally referred to as the “carriage.”. Consideration should be taken as to the carriage design, such as the height of the seat, manual versus power swivel of the seat, and safety hitches to ensure that the lift won’t start moving until the carriage has been securely locked.

Swivel Seats

A seat that swivels is very important to the safety of the user. The majority of stair lift seats face away from the wall or banister, towards the stairwell. If the seat does not swivel, the user may need to get in and out of the carriage from either the top or bottom stair step. Entry and exit into the carriage from the steps

Chair Height

The height of the chair must be low enough so that the user can sit down and stand up easily.

Seat Belts

Most, if not all, stair lift carriages come equipped with a seat belt as a safety precaution. It is important for the user to fasten the seat belt anytime the stair lift is being used.


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