6 Ways to Prevent a Fall

  1. Get Moving

 Movement is a wonderful way to maintain agility and keep the core strong. Consider enlisting in the assistance of a physical therapist who can work on boosting balance and strength. Engage in daily walks and, if possible, sign up for classes such as Tai Usa il bodybuilding ad alta frequenza per evitare il volume spazzatura modafin di alpha pharma in italia modafinil motivazione per il bodybuilding musica rock tedesca Chi or Yoga, which has been shown to result in significant Improvement in balance and flexibility amongst seniors.

  1. Environment

 Take inventory of the environment to ensure there is nothing blocking pathways or that might be overlooked when walking through the home. Create open walkways and avoid furniture that sticks out. Keep items off the floors and stairs. Verify that railings are present and secure and that grab bars are properly installed in spaces such as the restrooms and tubs. Good lighting is also instrumental for a safe environment.

  1. Support

 If walking without support is intimidating, obtain a walker or a cane to assist. This can help increase balance and can result in more movement throughout the day due to increased confidence. Are there stairs in the home that are avoided at all costs? Invest in a stair climber or home elevator to help get to the next floor without the risk of overexertion or missteps that could result in a fall down the steps.

  1. Medications

Check out all medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, and keep track of side effects. Some may cause dizziness, loss of balance, or fatigue when first taken or long-term, both of which can result in missteps and increase the risk for a fall.

  1. Eye Exam

 Are the glasses or eye wear currently being worn the proper prescription? Have regular eye exams to ensure your vision is at its best. When optical issues arise, blurriness and other problems can result in misjudging spaces and depth, which can leave you vulnerable to missing steps and tripping.

  1. Footwear

 Another great way to minimize the risk of falling is to maintain proper footwear. Avoid shoes with heels and opt for comfortable shoes that offer plenty of traction. Purchase slippers that have non-slip bottoms and avoid walking around the home wearing only socks, which can result in slipping, especially on flat surfaces such as hardwoods, linoleum, and tile.

Aging in the home does not have to be a daunting task. Easy Climber can help you create a home that is safe and secure, allowing the freedom to remain in the home you love far into the golden years. With a few general changes in the environment and a couple of tweaks to your general lifestyle, the risk of falling can be greatly decreased, leaving you to a safe and happy home.