Top 10 Summer Activities for Seniors


The weather is getting hotter, making it the perfect time of year to enjoy spending time outdoors. If you’ve reached retirement age, the old summer tradition of visiting an amusement park to ride the roller coasters is probably no longer your cup of tea. If it is, more power to you; keep riding those coasters until you can’t take it anymore. If you’re like most seniors, though, you’re probably looking for something a bit more mellow. Read on for ten fun summer activities seniors.

Try Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics isn’t just for cruise ships and resorts anymore. Many popular fitness centers and public swimming pools offer these classes, giving you the chance to stay in shape while also beating the heat. Check with your local gym or public pool for specific class times and difficulty levels. Most of these workouts are low-impact, making it perfect for elderly individuals. Depending on the instructor’s style, though, some of these challenges can be much more challenging. If you are unsure if a particular class is suitable for your ability level, feel free to ask the instructor before signing up for the class.

Visit a Local Museum

Many museums offer discounted tickets for seniors, so don’t miss your chance to take advantage of these money-saving opportunities. Tour an art or natural history museum in your area, or look for something a bit out of the ordinary. Museums are popping up all over the country with focuses on niche interests, like collectibles, specific points in history, particular regions and more. A quick internet search can reveal a plethora of opportunities in your area, with some just a short train or bus ride away.

Have Lunch Outside

At most restaurants, the lunch menu is more affordable than the dinner menu, and the portions tend to be smaller as well. Check review sites like Yelp and OpenTable to find restaurant recommendations in your neighborhood. These sites will also tell you which restaurants have outdoor seating. Summer is the perfect season for Al Fresco Dining, so put on your favorite hat to protect your face from the sun and meet up with some friends for a leisurely lunch at a new spot.

Tend to Your Garden

Flowers bloom like crazy this time of the year, so head to your local nursery or home improvement store to pick up some new plants for your garden. Don’t feel the need to redo your entire yard; even a simple flower box can spruce up your home, giving it new life. When working outside, be sure to drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks to stretch your legs and back. Gardening is meant to be a fun pastime, not a chore, so take care not to overdo it.

Take a Hike

Don’t be frightened by the word “hike” if you aren’t as mobile as you used to be. There is no need to scale Mount Everest at this stage in your life unless you’ve been preparing for years. Check with your local Department of Parks & Recreation to learn about hiking trails in your area. You’ll be surprised by how many trails are rated easy or very easy, with minimal incline and smooth, well-worn trails. Put on some sunscreen, fill up your water bottle, and enjoy a relaxing stroll in the outdoors. Feel free to set the pace as fast or slow as you wish.

Go to the Park

Most communities, even urban ones, have plenty of public parks where you can relax outside. Round up your kids and grandkids, if you have any, and head to your local park for a family picnic. Lay down a blanket, sit back and relax while the little ones run around and play. This is a great opportunity for some old-fashioned family bonding and fun in the sun. Don’t forget sunscreen and water. A beach umbrella is great for providing shade if there are no large trees nearby.


One of the best things about being retired is that you have plenty of free time to pursue the things that are most important to you. For many people, this involves giving back to those in need. Look for charitable organizations in your area so that you can volunteer your time to help out. These days, there are charities for just about every woe of the world, making it relatively easy to find a cause you’ll be passionate about. Bonus points if you can get your children or grandchildren involved!

Stay in Shape

Summer is the perfect time for exercising outdoors, and there are numerous options available that are suitable for seniors. Stay away from any outdoor fitness class with “boot camp” in its name, as these types of classes tend to be incredibly challenging. Instead, look for outdoor tai chi or yoga classes. These types of exercises are great for seniors and can help you stay limber and agile as you age. The more committed you are to maintaining your health in your golden years, the longer and more enjoyable your life will be.

Start Scrapbooking

Throughout your life, you have built up countless fond memories, but it can become harder than ever to recall them as you age. To solidify these wonderful events in your mind and your heart, try your hand at scrapbooking. This creative pastime lets you exercise your artistic side, while also preserving your favorite memories for your descendants. If you don’t view yourself as artistic, don’t worry; most craft stores offer scrapbooking classes and kits to take the guesswork out of getting started.

Hit the Drive-In

While the general idea is still the same, today’s drive-in movie theaters are not the same as those you remember from your youth. The modern incarnations are more luxurious than ever before, providing concessions delivered right to your parking spot, premium audio delivered into your car’s radio and more. Ticket prices tend to be far more affordable than standard movie theaters, and you’ll get to enjoy the fresh air while you watch.

Being a senior doesn’t mean you’re bound to your home. In fact, you can enjoy many of the past-times you did when you were younger. These are just a few of the many potential activities you can try out this summer with your family or friends to make the most of the year’s warmest season. The more active you are, the more active your body will want to be; so pick your favorite from this list, get out there, and enjoy the summer!