Why a Home Elevator?

You’ve spent a long time working to earn the cherished home you live in. You don’t want to move, but if you use a wheelchair it’s difficult… and in some cases impossible to move between the floors of your home.

You could invest in the help of a caretaker or an in-home aid, but if you don’t need any assistance other than climbing the stairs, this is simply not a practical or desirable option. There’s a better way…

Enter Easy Climber Plus Home Elevator – The easy, more affordable solution to accessing both levels of your home again. Save money on outside help and moving costs and invest in the independence, safety, and comfort of a home elevator. It’s never been easier.

More Affordable Than Ever

Twenty years ago, a home elevator of this capacity would’ve been impractical for most homeowners and were only accessible to those who lived in wealthier neighborhoods. In this day and age, they are much more affordable and can be the difference between moving out of your residence or aging gracefully in your current home.

Exciting New Innovations

While home elevators aren’t a new idea, the technology behind them has a come a long way. No longer are your options limited to clunky wheelchair lifts or stair lifts. There are new and exciting innovations that better accommodate wheelchair users, such as easy-install home elevators with simple-to-use, easy-access controls, multiple safety features, built-in emergency backup batteries and more.

As the popularity of home elevators has continued to rise, so have the safety requirements. Every Easy Climber home elevator is installed by licensed professionals, who meet all state and federal requirements for installing an elevator. Plus, every unit comes standard with top and bottom safety sensors, emergency stop and alarm buttons, non-skid flooring and more!

Take advantage of the Comfort, Safety, and Independence of an Easy Climber® Plus Home Elevator today!

The All NEW Easy Climber Plus Home Elevator:

  • Helps you access your two-story home in a wheelchair without outside help
  • Is very safe and easy to operate
  • Keeps you living independently and comfortably in your home
  • Blends in with your home seamlessly and takes up very little space
  • Adds value to your existing home

Easy Climber® Plus Home Elevator
Convenience Features

With recent technological advancements in the home elevator industry, owning a home elevator is now easier and more affordable than ever.

Feeling Stuck?

If you require the use of a wheelchair and live in a two-story home, it’s very difficult and inconvenient to move between floors. Many of our clients report feeling stuck in their own homes and are generally less than enthusiastic about asking for help from family or professionals. They needed a practical and convenient solution that helped them stay independent.

If you can relate to this, there’s never been a better time than now to explore the possibilities of an Easy Climber® Plus home elevator!

Competitive Pricing

Like most other technology available today, the engineering behind home elevator systems has continued to be improved and made more efficient (remember when a CD player was expensive?) making it even more affordable for homeowners just like you. An in-home elevator is not only a good investment for your home but for your future safety as well.

By improving technology and eliminating unnecessary components like a machine room or elevator shaft, you’ll spend thousands less than with a traditional home elevator. We’ll work with you to develop a quote that is fair and reasonable, and there’s financing available to qualified buyers.

Take a look at these convenient features.

Features of the NEW Easy Climber® Plus Home Elevator Include:

  • A convenient, motorized cab door that accommodates left or right access on entry
  • Built-in backup batteries in case of emergency power outage
  • A spacious cab which can hold up to three people at a time (500 lbs.), as well as those who are wheelchair users
  • A built-in landline telephone in case of emergency
  • Easy-to-use and wheelchair accessible controls
  • No elevator shaft required – saving you time and money
  • A proprietary design that eliminates the need for a separate control room

Easy Climber® Plus
Home Elevator Safety

Safety First

Customer safety is our highest priority and we have designed all Easy Climber Elevators with that goal in mind. From emergency backup batteries in case of a storm, to safety sensors keeping those around or under you out of harms way, Easy Climber is designed to be safe.

One of the key concerns of prospective buyers is the safety of a residential elevator system. Why invest in a home elevator if you don’t feel safe using it? Luckily, the Easy Climber Plus home elevator includes impressive safety features when compared to other elevators of its kind.

Let’s look at some safety features

Safety Features on the NEW Easy Climber Plus Include:

Easy Climber Safety Seabelt Icon

  • Strong and sturdy frame and components built for long-term use
  • A backup battery that keeps you going, even in a power outage
  • Ample lighting inside of the cab
  • Easy to locate emergency stop and alarm buttons
  • Built-in landline phone for use in emergency situations
  • A built-in detector on top of the cab to prevent it from ascending when there is weight being applied from above

Quick and Easy Installation

Installation of an Easy Climber Plus home elevator is fast and usually only takes about two days to complete. Our trained technicians and craftsmen install the lift in your home using a very simple, non-invasive process that will not negatively impact the aesthetics or value of your home. Since no elevator shaft is required, we can install your home elevator on virtually any wall in the home, provided there is ample access above. Our technicians are professional and courteous, and they always leave your home in the same shape or better than they found it in.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to take your home back and see how easy and convenient a home elevator can be, we’d be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation to discuss your needs.

The benefits are endless.


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