Do you or a loved one avoid using the stairs at home because they seem intimidating? Are there any safety concerns when navigating your two-story house?

Rather than moving away from the comfort of your current home, explore the benefits of installing an Easy Climber Stair Lift® today. For less than you would spend on moving or relocation costs, you can own a safe, convenient, and affordable solution to help you move freely between floors.

The Easy Climber Stair Lift® can help you regain independence and grant you peace of mind when navigating your home.

When we designed the Stair Lift, we aimed to create an affordable, easy-to-use, and noninvasive home improvement option that allows you or a loved one to age in place gracefully. Why should you invest in a Stair Lift? Here are the top 6 reasons:

  • Regaining Access to your Entire Home
  • Impressive Safety Features Designed With You in Mind
  • Protecting Your Independence
  • Custom Designs to Fit Any Staircase
  • A Seamless and Discreet Look That Fits Your Home
  • A Quick and Non-Intrusive Installation and Clean Up

How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost?

Several factors go into calculating an accurate stair lift price for your home. Depending on the measurements taken by your installer to determine the size, shape, and overall dimensions of your stairs, your quoted price may vary.

Every set of stairs is different and by providing custom quotes for every installation we do, we ensure that you’re receiving the best results for your investment. Here are a few pricing considerations:

  • Type of Lift The shape of your stairs can greatly impact your pricing as installation on curved stairs is generally more time-intensive and difficult than straight staircases.
  • Length of Stairway The overall length of your stairs will factor into costs as well. Allowing enough space and clearance on the top and bottom of your stairs is paramount for safety and convenience.
  • Electrical Systems The technician installing your stair lift will inspect the electrical wiring and conduits in your home to determine the best configuration to draw power to your stair lift. Some electrical systems are more complex than others.
  • Shipping Costs Depending on the materials needed for your installation and whether any special considerations are needed for parts,  shipping costs will also play a factor in your final quoted price.


This side-by-side table that helps you understand the cost differences in warranties based on the manufacturer and parts:

Easy Climber Stair lifts & Home Elevators Home IconEasy Climber® Others
Components Limited Lifetime 2-5 years
Battery 30 Days None or up to 1 year
Rack Lifetime 5-10 Years
Parts Limited Lifetime 1 to 3 years
Motor Lifetime None or up to 5 years

One Price Covers Everything

With the Easy Climber Stair Lift, there are no hidden fees. Your salesperson provides you a written quote that covers every cost including parts, installation, and shipping. In addition to the stair lifts and its components, this is what you get when you purchase an Easy Climber Stair Lift:

  • Consultation A salesperson visits your home and meets with you to review all your options and take measurements of your staircase. He or she will help determine what is needed for installation and the overall scope of the project
  • Production Manager This expert is your main point of contact throughout the preparation and actual installation. The production manager is the director making sure everything that follows comes together to make your improvement a success. He or she will be happy to answer any questions regarding your stair lift throughout the installation process.
  • Pre-Installation Inspection and Compliance In most cases, a fully trained and licensed installation engineer will visit your home prior to the actual install date. They will confirm the location and make sure the install team is fully prepared when they arrive.
  • Carpentry The licensed carpenters are the first half of the installation team. The day before the installation, they will arrive at your home and prep the area for installation.
  • Installation The second half of the installation team arrives the next day. They provide the parts for your stair lift,  install the lift, test operation, and demonstrate how easy it is to operate.
  • Customer Service Our relationship with you doesn’t end with the installation. You’ll be contacted by Guild Quality, an independent customer satisfaction agency, to make sure you are happy with your experience with Easy Climber. We are also available for customer support at 888-553-9931 anytime you have questions or concerns about your Easy Climber Stair Lift.

Get Your Own Easy Climber

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